Speed Drugs (To Pleasure Your Speed Addict)

by Split w/ Deadly Weapon


1. Deadly Weapon - Not a Single Fuck Was Given
2. Deadly Weapon - Corrupted
3. Deadly Weapon - Howl
4. Deadly Weapon - See You in Hell
5. Femau - Power Thrash Punk
6. Femau - Pukima
7. Femau - Politic It's Shit
8. Femau - Dilarang Berbisa (Rajasinga cover)


released February 20, 2013

Released on Tape by Samstrong Recs & Partai Recs



Femau Cimahi Tengah, Indonesia

The band project of four youths in 2007 that played punk / thrash / grindcore.
vocal: ganjar
guitar: iman
bass: dadan
drum: cepi

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